Enhanced oxygen precipitation in silicon due to grown-in spatial inhomogeneities in the oxygen distribution

Authors: Robert A. Brown, Talid Sinno, Zhihong Wang
Publication Date: November 10, 2000
Journal: Applied Physics Letters

Citation: Z. Wang, T. Sinno, R. A. BrownEnhanced Oxygen Precipitation in Silicon Due to Grown-In Spatial Inhomogenieties in the Oxygen Distribution, Applied Physics Letters, 78 (2001) 180-182

Abstract: Fine control of oxygen precipitation during annealing of silicon wafers is required for modern microelectronics processing. We show that the presence of microscopic spatial inhomogeneities in the oxygen concentration caused by fluctuations during crystal growth, can lead to significantly enhanced effective nucleation rates. This effect is demonstrated for a simple nonlinear reaction-diffusion model and then confirmed by simulations of oxide precipitation.