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Journal Publications

  1. A General Method for Spatially Coarse-Graining Metropolis Monte Carlo Simulations onto a Lattice (2013)
  2. Atomistic Analysis of Germanium on Amorphous SiO2 using an Empirical Interatomic Potential (2013)
  3. Driving Diffusionless Transformations and Real-Space Crystallography of DNA-Directed Colloidal Crystals (2012)
  4. Coarse-Grained Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations with Continuous Interaction Potentials (2012)
  5. Multiscale Prediction of Patient-Specific Platelet Function Under Flow (2012)
  6. Inherent Structure Analysis of Defect Thermodynamics and Melting in Silicon (2012)
  7. An Enthalpy Landscape View of Homogeneous Melting in Crystals (2011)
  8. Simulation of aggregating particles in complex flows by the lattice kinetic Monte Carlo method (2011)
  9. A mechanistic view of binary colloidal superlattice formation using DNA-directed interactions (2011)
  10. Detailed microscopic analysis of self-interstitial aggregation in silicon. I. Direct molecular dynamics simulations of aggregation (2010)
  11. Detailed microscopic analysis of self-interstitial aggregation in silicon. II. Thermodynamic analysis of single clusters (2010)
  12. Computational analysis of binary segregation during colloidal crystallization with DNA-mediated interactions (2010)
  13. Atomistic analysis of phase segregation patterning in binary thin films using applied mechanical fields (2010)
  14. Lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of convective-diffusive systems (2009)
  15. Microscopic underpinnings of defect nucleation and growth in silicon crystal growth and wafer processing (2009)
  16. Entropic origins of stability in silicon interstitial clusters (2008)
  17. Probing interfacial equilibration in microsphere crystals formed by DNA-directed assembly (2008)
  18. Monte Carlo analysis of stress-directed phase segregation in binary thin film alloys under nonisothermal annealing (2008)
  19. Coarse-grained lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of systems of strongly interacting particles (2008)
  20. A lattice kinetic Monte Carlo study of void morphological evolution during silicon crystal growth (2007)
  21. A bottom–up multiscale view of point-defect aggregation in silicon (2006)
  22. Vacancy self-trapping during rapid thermal annealing of silicon wafers (2006)
  23. Lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of defect evolution in crystals at elevated temperature (2006)
  24. On-lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of point defect aggregation in entropically influenced crystalline systems (2005)
  25. Role of configurational entropy in the thermodynamics of clusters of point defects in crystalline solids (2005)
  26. A microscopically accurate continuum model for void formation during semiconductor silicon processing (2005)
  27. Feature Activated Molecular Dynamics: Parallelization and Application to Systems with Globally Varying Mechanical Fields (2005)
  28. A systems-based approach for generating quantitative models of microstructural evolution in silicon materials processing (2004)
  29. Feature activated molecular dynamics: An efficient approach for atomistic simulation of solid-state aggregation phenomena (2004)
  30. Carbon-mediated aggregation of self-interstitials in silicon: A large-scale molecular dynamics study (2004)
  31. Internally consistent verification of mean-field models for aggregation using large-scale molecular dynamics (2004)
  32. Global Parameterization of Multiple Point-Defect Dynamics Models in Silicon (2003)
  33. An Internally Consistent Approach for Modeling Solid-State Aggregation: II. Mean-field Representations of Atomistic Processes (2003)
  34. Internally consistent approach for modeling solid-state aggregation. I. Atomistic calculations of vacancy clustering in silicon (2003)
  35. Atomistic-to-continuum description of vacancy cluster properties in crystalline silicon (2002)
  36. Modeling of transient point defect dynamics in Czochralski silicon crystals (2001)
  37. Enhanced oxygen precipitation in silicon due to grown-in spatial inhomogeneities in the oxygen distribution (2000)
  38. Defect engineering of Czochralski single-crystal silicon (2000)
  39. Boron retarded self-interstitial diffusion in Czochralski growth of silicon crystals and its role in oxidation-induced stacking-fault ring dynamics (1999)
  40. Modeling Microdefect Formation in Czochralski Silicon (1999)
  41. Point Defect Dynamics and the Oxidation-Induced Stacking-Fault Ring in Czockralski-Grown Silicon Crystals (1998)
  42. On the Dynamics of the Oxidation-Induced Stacking-Fault Ring in Czockralski Silicon Crystals (1997)
  43. Point defect and microdefect dynamics in Czochralski-grown silicon: simulations and analysis of self-consistent models (1997)
  44. Investigation of Point Defect Clusters in Silicon Using Parallel Molecular Dynamics (1996)
  45. Atomistic Simulation of High-Temperature Point Defect Properties in Crystalline Silicon (1996)
  46. Modeling Point Defect Dynamics in the Crystal Growth of Silicon (1994)

Book Chapters

  1. Chapter 2. Multiscale Modeling of Nanoscale Aggregation Phenomena: Applications in Semiconductor Materials Processing (2009)
  2. Chapter 10. Epitaxial silicon wafers using plasma-enhanced, chemical-vapor-deposition (2007)

Conference Proceedings

  1. Atomistic-to-Continuum Modeling of Defect-Related Phenomena in Silicon Crystals (2009)
  2. Large-Scale Numerical Modeling of Melt and Solution Crystal Growth (2007)
  3. An Atomically Accurate Model for Point Defect Aggregation in Silicon (2006)
  4. Thermophysical Properties of Intrinsic Point Defects in Crystalline Silicon (2002)
  5. Global parameterization of multiple point-defect dynamics models in silicon (2001)
  6. Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Grown-In Defect Dynamics in Czochralski Crystal Growth of Silicon (1999)
  7. Influence of boron on OSF-ring dynamics in Czochralski silicon (1999)
  8. Determination of intrinsic point defect properties in silicon by analyzing OSF ring dynamics and void formation (1998)
  9. Modeling defect-cluster formation in crystalline silicon (1996)
  10. Computation of the onset of point defect aggregation in crystalline silicon using an empirical interatomic potential (1995)