Research Group

The Sinno Research Group is a research program in Computational Materials Science located in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania.


SinnoTalid Sinno is an Associate Professor of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering and the Director of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Admissions.  Talid Sinno is broadly interested in the theoretical and computational study of nano and microstructural evolution, and particularly nucleation and growth, in condensed materials systems. Example solid-state materials of current interest are crystalline semiconductors such as silicon and its alloys (silicon-germanium and silicon-carbide), although aggregation phenomena in other material systems (e.g. metals, complex fluids) also are within the scope of the program.

Graduate Students

  • Yungchi Chuang
  • Daniel Consoli
  • Daniel Kaiser
  • Ian Jenkins
  • Peter Kaeshammer
  • Yichen Lu
  • Tianjun Xie
  • Yi Yang